My Scandi Experience Part 2/2

Sundays are for chilling, or in our case getting a train to the Museum of Louisiana, located just an hours ride out of the city of Copenhagen. I don’t think we intended it to be a days trip away, but it worked out that way and to be honest it was totally worth it.

FullSizeRender 31

The museum boasts an incredible collection of artists, and we were able to get up close and personal with incredible works of art – contemporary as well as immersive film. Our favourites are summed up in the photos below.

FullSizeRender 39

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 17.30.52

FullSizeRender 25FullSizeRender 32

Once you have toured the museum and its grounds, its well worth hopping onto the beach and joining the locals to bask in the sun and even take a dip in the sea – it’s a gorgeous and a real haven. I think its well worth in a trip to Copenhagen if you need a bit of R and R to come and stay around here on the coast, and its definitely somewhere I will be planning on staying in my next trip to Denmark.

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Manfreds and Vin was our choice for dinner, and if you are looking for vegetarian food with a twist (essentially some meat thrown in here and there) its definitely the one. The food is very unique, with an interesting take on each dish – not necessarily our favourite place to eat – but never the less definitely a must try.


We definitely had last day blues, which were enhanced by the incredible porridge at Grod – after all the hype about it on social media, how could we have not gone there?! All porridge was gluten free (amazing) with the option for different toppings, or all the toppings – well we went for all of them, and it was so yummy.

FullSizeRender 34


The boat trip is an essential that I think everyone should do in Copenhagen – you really get to know the city, and it is truly magical going around all the canals. We were lucky it was a gorgeous day so it made the experience even better, and it showed us all the things we need to do next time we come to Copenhagen – like getting a boat between friends and drinking on the river and going to the independent part of Copenhagen to explore.

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 17.49.46


Food is never far from our minds, and once we had wondered around the city enough to work up an appetite we discovered Far’s Dreng, a great café/ bistro which is perfect for traditional Danish food. Of course we had to try it! We went for avocado and crayfish, and chicken and salad – it was the dream.

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 17.44.23.png

Our trip ended at the Trivoli gardens, and although we were advised to come here in the evening to really appreciate the beauty we came late afternoon, which was still an incredible experience. I have never been to Disney Land, but I can only describe it as an up market version of that (I can assume). We spent our last couple of hours enjoying the last of the sunshine, watching the peacocks and tourists, drinking and eating incredible cake from the Moet café.

FullSizeRender 37


This is me, and the Airbnb resident, Otto – the best weekend buddy i could have had!

An incredible city, and really worth a visit – I can’t wait to go back again.

Isabella x


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