Bali, Our Tropical Paradise, Part 1/3


Bali has been at the top of my bucket list for a while, and at the beginning of the year the opportunity to go with some friends (7 to be exact), and it was a hell why not situation! Before I knew It I had booked my flights and was heading over to paradise, suitcase in tow. (I advise bringing a backpack by the way- big mistake by me ha!)

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Bali is a gorgeous place, full of culture, warm hearted, kind and friendly people and not to mention incredible scenery including beaches, jungles and temples.

With just over two weeks to explore this glorious place – we had split our time up before hand between Seminyak, Uluwatu, the Gilli Islands and Ubud.

One thing to mention – anything goes in Bali, I ended up getting to our hotel by bike with my suitcase precariously balanced on the front.. an experience!

We stayed on Balangan Beach in La Joya Villa and Bungalos Bali (linked here), in private huts that had a private pool overlooking the sea – the dream right? And it was needed, after 18 hours of travelling, a welcome sleep, swim, relax and drink was ideal.

You could do yoga in the mornings, which we did try one day – an incredible experience, right on the beach watching the sun rise. And, of course get a massage or two – I tried out the Balinese massage, and it was great!

Here is our little version of paradise:

FullSizeRender 74

I can really recommend it, a gorgeous quiet place. It is worth getting taxis everywhere though, or hiring bikes – otherwise it is slightly isolated from the rest of the island.

We spent three days here before moving on to Uluwatu, and our next, more famous Airbnb – ‘The Shack’ just off Bingin Beach. It was a modern property with tropical gardens and unique t-shape pool, and to be honest an incredible place to stay.

FullSizeRender 67FullSizeRender 88

The bathrooms themselves were absolutely incredible – with huge baths, hot stones, open wooden showers and large basins – paradise in a room, hey?

FullSizeRender 84

The location of this airbnb was also amazing, we were so close to Bingin beach – great for surfing, and paddling, and the bars and cafes along this beach were small, friendly and generally the most relaxing places to hang with your friends. Not to mention the views, if you are looking to see the sea, jungle and surfers, and a great place to watch the sunset with a cocktail this is the place.

FullSizeRender 66

A bike ride away is Uluwatu temple, situated on the cliff surrounded by water, this is a temple that should be on your list to visit. With traditional Balinese architecture, Buddhists worshipping in every corner and cliff walks that will take you from one side of the temple to the other – what is more to love? The monkeys are a bit of a nightmare, they loved to take from the tourists so as ever just keep an eye on your beloved camera unless you want it thrown off the cliff.


FullSizeRender 81FullSizeRender 94

Padang Padang is a bike ride away, and a really gorgeous little beach cove – great for sunbathing, paddling and surfing. I actually took a surfing lesson here, and for an hour and a half a certified surfing instructor put me through my paces. I just about managed to stand up, maybe 4 times – which I think is an achievement!

FullSizeRender 71IMG_0021

FullSizeRender 80

FullSizeRender 95

We were spoilt for choice for food options, with The Cashew Tree just around the corner that provided all vegan, gluten free options for the curious traveller, and there were late night live music sessions where you could dance the night away amongst like-minded travellers.

We also went here for dinner and lunch, which I really recommend if you want to taste traditional Balinese food:

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 12.11.09Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 12.10.57Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 12.10.32

YumYum café

Buddha Soul – If you ever want to try a buddha bowl, or even a soul bowl (a must when you are out in Bali) this is the place!

Swamis – Vegan goodness for everyone – Vegan is such a popular life choice in Bali, and this certainly was amazing for the food and atmosphere!

El Kabron – The bar with most beautiful views – book a table for sunset and enjoy cocktails on the cliff. It is the most serene place!

Single Fins was also hit up by the group, a three story bar with a pool and on Sundays – an incredible party. Top tip though, don’t try go to the Gilli Islands at 5am the next morning, after a big night out!

There was so much that we did and saw, so i will try and include as must as i can! Keep an eye out for my next blog, that took me to the Gilli Islands and Ubud 🙂

Isabella x

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