Flower baths and jungle, Ubud Part 3/3

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Ubud, renown for being the cultural centre of Bali, and in contrast to the islands, full of greenery, jungle, a rich culture and a strong arts scene. Surrounded by rice fields, it is an incredible hub of markets, furniture shops, vegan cafes, massage parlours and temples. It is absolutely mad, but I still loved it.

We stayed in an AirBnB slightly out of Ubud, surrounded by rice fields and farms. It was a pretty surreal experience, being woken up to the sounds of farmers chasing ducks and goats off their rice fields, and dogs with litters of puppies running around the place. We even found a goat in our bathroom, which was an experience!

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The AirBnB had an antique vibe to it –an open plan house with an outdoors kitchen, beautiful bathrooms with showers facing out to the rice fields, and double beds with surround views of the fields.

There was a pool  surrounded by ponds and fountains. Felt one with nature here! We had to either get bikes or a taxi to ferry us around as it was far out, but I thought it was worth it.

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Like ever we embraced Ubud, taking in all the sights and making sure we saw at least one waterfall! Tegenungan waterfall is gorgeous, but it is certainly worth going early in the morning to miss the tourists and really appreciate the grandeur of the place and the jungle that surrounds it. You can even go bathing in the shallows of the waterfall which is an incredible experience with the water rushing around you. Hiking around in the jungle is an experience, and I really enjoyed it, minus the monsoon rain that occurred whilst we were there.

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Whilst we were there, naturally we had to sample the local cuisine and we certainly explored our fair share of restaurants, markets and cafes. We found the coolest brunch, dining spots and cafes:

Juno’s– for the brunch, and swinging chairs.

The Elephant – for the views, soul bowls and pancakes.

Café Wayan and Bakery



Earth Café

Mozaic – the best steaks you will come across!

Tirta Soul Holy Water Temple was an incredible experience, its situated in the jungle and if you go early in the morning its not touristy. Its so surreal seeing locals going and praying with the monks, and you can experience getting into the water yourself and touching the holy water shooting out of pipes too.

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Rice fields are a must wherever you are in Bali, and we were happy to visit Tegelalang rice fields – although by the time we got there the heavens had opened and it was certainly a wet visit! Still a incredible experience.

When you are in Bali, if you don’t get a massage you are crazy! There are so many spas, you can get anything from a flower bath, to a full Balinese massage. We headed to Bali Botanic Spa, where we were treated to manicure and pedicures, facials and flower baths. Flower baths are something you should experience – it’s a pretty situation.

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Our last night in Bali we hit The Elephant, a gorgeous roof top restaurant that had views over Ubud, served local food and had a really great vibe.

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 17.49.55Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 17.49.15

I absolutely loved Bali, it is such a welcoming place with great people. And I would certainly go back as a female solo traveller, with no qualms. It has if anything pushed me to think about travelling solo, and i am really looking forward to the future :).

I hope you were able to take inspiration from my blog, and go to  explore Bali yourself!

My next plans are to go to the Philippines and Colombia 🙂 – comment any tips as i would love any!


Until next time,


Isabella x

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