A cool chalet, Mont Blanc

A snowy Christmas? Surely not…

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Yes, i actually managed to have one (minus a few travelling disasters on the way there), and it was an incredible opportunity to explore the snowy mountains of Mont Blanc and Saint Gervais, with my family.




With snow up to my thighs, (i am 5 foot 8 so that means quite a lot of snow!) our chalet could not have been more perfect. Set behind Le Bettex, our skiddooo rumbled through the picturesque pathway to the chalet – a wooden cabin set in the mountain, with a hot tub for company.


Ski gear is non negotiable here, just purely because you will be freezing after a minute being outside in the snow, so it made a nice change to wearing casuals! (Less worrying about what you are wearing, and more getting involved in the snowman making, igloo making and tobogganing on offer outside).


Being based in London it was a treat to escape to the hills, enjoy the snow and be at one with the nature (not to mention the limited wifi to really enjoy a bit of peace and quiet. ) This was naturally hindered by the 5 children i went there with, but nether the less it was a gorgeous holiday that i will always remember.

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The chalet itself is in the middle of a forest, with a large kitchen and living space perfect for playing games, relaxing and snoozing off the food. Upstairs each double room had a fab view that overlooked the trees and mountains – and i felt lucky to wake up to this every day.

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We found this pup along the way on a walk – quite the highlight 🙂

Saint Gervais is a ski resort hotspot, so we just had to try it out! I have been skiing twice before and not an expert – and it was certainly an experience. With visibility limited to seeing my skis in front of me at one stage, whilst taking three children down the mountain  on a red slope – i did wonder why an earth i had committed to this, and was i any decent at skiing? Turns out, i am not that bad! Having only done the splits once, and falling over 3 times i thought that was an achievement.



Skiing is not the only activity around here, you can also go for gorgeous walks (although bring a map unless you want to spend 2 + hours wondering the hills), explore the picturesque mountain towns, go wine tasting, hiking, cheese tasting and more.

Naturally, you can also laze in front of the fire, eat copious amounts of cheese and drink the place dry.. which is also what we did. I think Christmas is all about enjoying being with your loved ones, trying not to fight with them that much, take advantage of relaxing and switching off. We lead incredibly busy lives, where you have 3 things going on at once, and endless evening plans – so a break is always welcome.

So if you get the chance, Saint Gervais – and more specifically Le Bettex is a little haven in the mountains which should be visited all year round – for the snow, the hills and the escape from reality, even if its for a couple of days.

This was an incredible end to 2017, and i feel very privileged to having travelled so much this year, with friends and family who have made my year so memorable!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog so far this year, and i am looking forward to sharing more experiences with you in 2018.

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Happy New Year to you all,


Love Isabella x x



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